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We are healthcare providers who provide the utmost care to patients suffering from anal fistulas. We are well-known all over India for providing the highest quality of patient care for all people. Many people trust us and visit our hospitals to get diagnosed and to undergo the most effective and safest fistula surgery at an affordable cost. We evolved as a centre of excellence in fistula treatment under skilled leadership and strong management. All our doctors and surgeons use the latest and USFDA approved surgical techniques to cure the fistula. By visiting us, we can provide you with the safest fistula treatment without any risks and post-surgical complications.

We work 24×7 to ensure every patient receives the utmost care and world-class medical services at the lowest cost possible. And also, we provide facilities like:

  • Multiple experienced doctors [Proctologosts who can easily diagnose and cure fistulas]
  • Risk-free and safest laser fistula surgery
  • Free cab facility o the day of the surgery
  • Insurance coverage
  • First [1st] follow-up session after the surgery at free of cost

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